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What you need to do to clean your office and home to fight the Coronavirus


Coronavirus Cleaning

As the coronavirus continues to spread, health experts are asking you to wash your hands and clean surfaces. With that in mind, we talked to a cleaning company about what they do at homes to disinfect for any kind of virus. As several may worry about some of the viruses being spread this time of year there are several things you can do at your home to protect yourself, using cleaning products you can buy anywhere.

Professionals say the best defense is to use a cleaner with bleach. The EPA released a list with household cleaners you can use against coronavirus like Lysol and Clorox. Professional Cleaners say it’s important to use these products on highly touched surfaces like light switches, handles, chairs and more.

While right now everyone is concerned about the coronavirus, this is something that can also fight other illnesses like the flu that is still being spread in our area.

Royal Cleaning Services recommends cleaning regularly during these times using gloves to protect yourself. They say there is a difference in cleaning a surface and disinfecting it to make sure you get rid of the germs.

“Get a nice heavy wet application of the product like Clorox Clean Up. Let it sit on the surface for three to five minutes and then come back and clean it off and that’s the best way to keep your home healthy and safe," saidSteam Clean Coronavirus Ronald Dwyer, President of Royal Cleaning Services.  He also recommends hiring a cleaning company, such as Royal Cleaning Services, to provide hot steam cleaning to kill the Coronavirus and other viruses such as the flu.

Royal Cleaning Services recommends  that if youse cleaning cloths, you need to use a new one for different surfaces and then separate them to wash.

Royal Cleaning Services recommends as you clean your home, you also want to wipe down surfaces that you touch a lot like your phone, remote and more.

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