Our Steam Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services with Steam Cleaning

What do we mean by Deep Cleaning? Deep Cleaning is a thorough and detailed cleaning of your property. It means not only lifting and removing dust, dirt and grime but also sanitizing the space that is cleaned. Deep cleaning involves reaching, cleaning and sanitizing all areas including those areas that are not reached during a routine clean.

Royal Cleaning Services specializes in Deep Steam Cleaning for your home or office. We service all 48 continental states for Commerical Cleaning and Metro Detroit Michigan for commerical and residential cleaning. Royal Cleaning should be your choice for a Luxurious Clean.

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Royal Cleaning Services Steam Cleaning is more effective as compared to conventional Cleaning.

  • Sanitizing: steam delivered at high temperatures not only cleans but kills 99.9% of bacteria and other germs.
  • Technology: Our Steam Machines deliver dry steam (5-7% moisture content) at temperatures of 140 degree centigrade. The built in extraction function gives you a better clean.
  • Conserves Water: Steam Cleaning Machines use only 1/20th portion of water as opposed to Water based conventional Cleaning.
  • Green Cleaning: We are an environmentally friendly company. Steam Cleaning is 100% Green. No harmful chemicals used.